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Stock Video Collections

Each product is a series of Aerial video clips. Why choose which clip you should spend a download or buy? Why not just get the series? String them together for a longer shot or use multiple shots in your video projects. All for one low price.


Stock Audio Collections

Coming soon.
Planned: Sound FX, Music Tracks, Film Scoring Elements, & atmospheric compositions.


Still Image Collections

Sometimes you need a perfect set of photos to find the perfection shot for your project.


Combination Projects

Ever just wish the project could just finish itself? Well, now it can! A complete project. This is not just some template that has to be fiddled with & find your own video content. This is a fill project. Each project comes with both a Final Cut Pro X library file with the media files video, graphics, and audio built on to a timeline. Edit the project to your liking & then render. The project also comes with a finshed .mp4 to use in your favorite video editor,


Website Templates

Looking to find your slice of the web? Get up & running fast with a Rapidweaver project template. Each template comes ready to open, edit, and publish. Dont own Rapidweaver? No problem. A zipped up version of the website is available. Simply upload it to your site's home directory, extract, and you are ready to go. Use an online Content Management System to customize the content to your needs.

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